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5 Dirtiest Places for Pressure Wash

When we think of pressure washing, most of the time it’s our driveways or front stoops at home. It’s not as common to think of pressure washing your business areas, but it can be even more important. Think of how much traffic from feet and tires that have traveled through. If you are a restaurant or apartment complex, it’s a crucial task! We’ll run down some of the dirtiest places we love to make look brand new again.

#1 Drive Thrus

How often can you say you have been to a drive thru that seemed clean? Unless the facility is new, we are betting that it’s one of the grossest places you can think of. All that stuff that comes out of your tailpipe causes black soot, aside from other remnants, on the side of the building and pavement. Leaving it be is a sure-fire way to turn your customers’ stomachs before they even get their food. Have the side of the building, curb, and drive pressure washed multiple times a year for repeat business or even any business at all! (We’ve seen some nightmare drive-thrus!)

#2 Gas Stations

As an essential business, a gas station sees more traffic than most other businesses. And it shows! You might have a hard time thinking of a gas station that you’d consider “clean”. All of them seem to be covered in a layer of grime and car fluids. Don’t feel bad if you are a gas station owner. It’s pretty standard. One thing you can do though is get it power washed from entrance to front door a few times a year. Patrons might drive an extra 5 minutes to get gas or a snack in a clean environment!

#3 Picnic Areas

If you want to lose your appetite at lunch, just look at the ground or at a picnic table at a park or break area. Both can get gross with all the elements of the outdoors and human debris. A good pressure washing can draw employees and visitors back to enjoy their meals in the area again! Whether it’s a park or a workplace, you want people to enjoy their time there. Pressure wash picnic areas at least once a year!

#4 Subways or Bus Stops

It is typical of public transportation stops to be unkempt. Responsibility to keep it clean can often be put on the back burner. Never the less, it is a necessity for a lot of the population. If your city does not seem like it is pulling its weight in this aspect, write them a letter or give them a phone call. Recommend pressure washing at the next city meeting. Keeping these areas clean is a form of care that citizens will appreciate! It might even give a boost to the service, which helps the environment!

#5 Parking Lots

If you are a grocery store or any other retail store that gets a lot of traffic, your lot is bound to look like a disaster. Customers dropping jugs of milk and tons of cars driving over the pavement will give it a nice coating of yuck. Have the parking lots power washed a few times a year for happy repeat consumers!

Bottom Line

As insignificant as cleanliness feels next to low gas prices or emergency runs to the supermarket, it has a profound impact. We tend to feel much more positive and safe when we are not surrounded by filth. It can also give us a sense of pride and sureness on the decision they made to be in that area. In turn, it should create repeat traffic!

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