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5 Big Reasons Why Your Business Exterior Needs Attention

Businesses are finally reopening! Want to know one sure-fire way to get more customers in your door over your competition? Make your business exterior presentable! The quality of a business will shine through how much they care for their surroundings. Potential customers and current clients know this is true. They also will judge your business walkway, exterior, and parking lot no matter what kind of business you run. Here are some other reasons why you need to pay more attention to your business’s exterior.

1. Keep People Happy with a Clean Business Exterior

Take the walkways and parking lots back to the day they were paved with a good pressure washing! Most everyone that comes into the building will take notice. If you rent out offices or apartments, your tenants will take pride in their space which will encourage them to stay longer. The care you take gives them reassurance in your management skills. It will also make them want take better care of the space they are renting. It’s a win all around!

2. More Revenue

 If you’ve heard of the snowball effect you’ll know that it causes one thing build on another. When you invest in your business exterior with pressure/power washing, you are building on to your business. The public, in general, usually sticks to places that they can trust to be clean and safe. Those that do business at your property will get more revenue with repeat business when it is considered clean and safe. This will have the effect of your property making more in referrals with more tenants moving in and staying longer.

3. Less Sickness and Germs

After this last year, we can all agree that we want to be in a space that won’t make us sick. The public has gone through a testing time and will be weary of where they go. If they suspect your property to be germ ridden, they will stay clear. BUT if you have clean walkways, exterior, parking lots, etc. clients will trust your business over another one even if your rates are higher. Pressure/power washing will get rid the area of mildew, mud, and grease. Even if it’s just old stains, those that see them will judge them as dirty. It’s best to take care of them!

4. Keeping Your Property Clean Will Save You Money

An often-overlooked aspect of regular cleaning and maintenance is that, in the long run, it will save you money. When dirt and grime build-up, deterioration will start to happen. Once that cycle starts, it will be impossible to go back. At that point, you might need to look into getting new pavement or exterior installed. Replacement is much more expensive than regular maintenance.

5. Keep the Property Value Up

You might not be looking to sell your property now, but on down the line you will. When that time comes, investors will value a property higher that has a cleaner business exterior. As mentioned in the tip above, it will also keep the pavement or exterior from damage causing build-up, keeping it in good shape!

Bottom Line

Your business property is an investment you can’t afford to let degrade. Having your pavement/exterior/roof/etc. power/pressure washed will keep it maintained and looking like new. Find a professional business that will give your property the attention it deserves at least once a year, depending on traffic.

Looking for a crew? So Clean is ready to answer the call! Our professional pressure/power washing team will wow your tenants and clients! We strive for that perfect before and after shot that will bring all who see it pride! Contact us today to get on our schedule! We are booking for spring cleaning now!

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