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5 Great Reasons to Clean & SEAL your Sidewalks & Decorative Pavers

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Concrete and decorative pavers have become essential components of modern landscaping projects. On both residential and commercial properties, they serve aesthetic and functional purposes. Besides just elevating the beauty of your garden, backyard, or other spaces, they provide easy access for people and a variety of other benefits too.   

However, to ensure that they retain their elegant look, it is crucial to clean concrete sidewalks from time to time. Most people forego this basic step, assuming that since there is grass and mud already around them, they don’t require maintenance. Although minimal, these parts must be cleaned so that they keep serving their purpose effectively.   

Here are five reasons why you should clean and seal your concrete sidewalks and decorative pavers:  

1. Maintaining Visual Appeal  

 When you maintain decorative paver stones, you are ultimately investing in enhancing their visual aesthetic. Concrete sidewalk pieces or decorative pavers have that natural color and texture but they too can catch stains or become discolored over time. Cleaning and then sealing them effectively mitigates the impact that various elements can have on these stones. It is vital to keep the sidewalks and pavers clean to ensure that their elegant look is maintained for longer.   

2. Preventing Mold and Algae Growth  

 Mold, algae, fungus, or other shrubbery can find space between the gaps of sidewalk pieces or paver stones, becoming a nuisance in the process. When these unwanted plants grow, they not only spoil the look but also damage the integrity of these pieces by allowing them to loosen and come out more easily. As you clean concrete sidewalk pieces, you are also minimizing the chances for fungus or algae growth, thus preserving both the function and the aesthetic.   

3. Getting Your Money’s Worth   

 Concrete sidewalk or decorative paver pieces are relatively inexpensive but overall landscaping is an investment that you make. Maintenance is the factor that ensures that the money you’ve spent will not go to waste. This includes both the overall look and purpose of the stones. You are protecting what you bought, and making sure that in the long run, they still look pretty and add to the character of your home.    

4. Avoiding Costly Replacements and Inconvenience  

 One more reason to maintain decorative pavers is so that you don’t have to spend more money on a regular basis. When these pieces are left unattended for a long time, they develop numerous issues which can bloat and require replacement. When sidewalk or paver stones come out on their own or need to be repaired, you can be greatly inconvenienced. With frequent cleaning as well as maintenance, you can avoid this.   

5. Ensuring Long Life and Minimal Maintenance  

 Last but not the least, cleaning and sealing is essential if you want to be able to look at your garden or any other space and enjoy it for a long time.  

Bottom Line 

The significance of maintaining clean concrete sidewalks cannot be overstated. If you are looking for a professional company to pressure wash the decorative pavers at your home, get in touch with So Clean today by calling 864-915-0159. We provide a variety of services to maintain the look of your exterior walkways and decorative pavers! 

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