Commercial Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing your Business

Is your property’s appearance sending customers to your competition?

We offer professional commercial pressure washing services. Let So Clean pressure wash your commercial property, or retail storefront building. Having a clean gas station concrete pad or restaurant storefront exterior not only helps maintain your property, but it’s also the first thing customers see when they drive by or pull in. Having a clean property at all times means giving your potential customers a great first impression!

We provide Commercial Pressure Washing of concrete pads for gas stations, sidewalks, curbs, drive-thrus, dumpster pads, warehouse floors, automotive shop floors and about any hard surface or building. Have So Clean remove grease, mold, and other aliments while brightening up the look of your concrete. We make the dirtiest building and concrete pads look great!

We offer a wide range of commercial pressure washing services in the Upstate South Carolina counties and surrounding Simpsonville SC and Spartanburg SC areas. Contact the So Clean team for all of your commercial pressure washing needs. Your customers will be glad you did!

Commercial pressure washing services we offer:

Trust So Clean for commercial pressure washing of Auto Repair Shops near Spartanburg SC.
  • Building Pressure Washing
  • Gas Stations
  • Fleet Washing
  • Sidewalks
  • Monument Renewal
  • Curbs
  • Drive-Thrus
  • Dumpster Pads
  • Warehouse Floors
  • Automotive Shop Floors
  • Parking lots
  • Other Services upon Request

Concrete Cleaning attracts new customers

Have you ever been to a drive-thru or a gas station that really grossed you out?

After you have seen the very unappealing exterior, it makes you think twice about eating their food. Like it or not, the cleanliness of your business, even the exterior, will make a lasting impact on clients and customers. You want to present a clean environment that sends a nice welcome to all. It can also attract new business, as people will notice a nice, new-looking property. This is especially true for rental property owners.

Have So Clean powerwash the curbs and sidewalk, and parking lots. If you have oil and grease concerns, schedule our team to powerwash shop floors and more!

Do you have a rental property? If attracting prospective tenants in Upstate SC is a top priority, having a clean exterior can make all the difference in value. So Clean provides Eco-Friendly Commercial Pressure Washing Services that will make your property clean and attractive.

Prevent Mold & Rot Damage

Mold growth, algae, and dirt buildup look unattractive, but they can wear down a building, causing rot and damage. Building materials, such as brick, could deteriorate over time if it’s left unattended. Even bird droppings can really eat away at a structure. It is acidic and can weaken roof and gutter systems of a commercial property, eventually leading to a collapsed roof or extreme damage. By calling So Clean to wash the droppings away will prevent further buildup and with regular cleanings will help reduce the risk of structural damage. Regular pressure washing helps cut down these risks and will save the business money in maintenance costs down the road.

Dealing with Graffiti or a nasty Oil Stain?

Clients and customers will judge your building. If there is graffiti on it, their outlook on your business might suffer. So Clean can make it disappear so that your company can maintain its professional image.

Have So Clean remove that difficult oil stain! We often work with car maintenance and oil change shops, removing the nasty and slippery stains, to give a clean, professional image. Too often, we see problems with oil and other automobile fluids ruining the business’s concrete floors and exterior. Learn more about the So Clean commercial pressure washing services in Greer SC and surrounding Upstate SC areas. Nothing is done until your dirtiest business stains are cleaned.

Keep Shared Areas Safe and Clean

Do you have an outside area where your patrons and/or employees like to sit or eat lunch? These areas can get grimy fast with leftover food remnants and gum. The So Clean commercial pressure washing team will work hard in sanitizing these spaces for you to be proud of and so everyone can enjoy them. Have a parking garage or parking lot? They can get appalling pretty easily if not regularly cleaned. Even though the cleanliness has little to do with safety, patrons and employees tend to feel less safe in grimy, unkempt places.

Commercial pressure washing can also help health-wise for those around. Mildew, dust, pollutants, bird droppings, and more can cause negative health effects like allergies, diseases, and respiratory infections. Professional pressure washing can also help prevent slips and falls. Grease and mold cause surfaces to be slippery at times.

Prevent the next workplace accident by keeping them clean!  

So Clean loves a good challenge! Lead us to that oil stain and we’ll make it vanish!

We Clean Upstate South Carolina! Send a message or call today to SCHEDULE cleaning service: 864-915-0159.

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