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Why it’s Better to Powerwash & Stain Your Fence Instead of Replacing It

When a person is looking at your house, the first thing they take notice of is the exterior. Your fence is part of that initial review, and if it looks worn out, they won’t be excited about what is inside. After such an encounter, your first instinct might be to change it immediately! However, it is much cheaper to powerwash and stain your fence instead. 

Another method to incorporate with power washing is staining the fence. Staining the wood is a technique in which you apply a finish to the wood and alter its look. These two methods combined will give your fence a fresh appearance. Additionally, your visitors will be delighted to see your house at first glance. 

Reasons to Protect Your Fence with Power Wash 

There are many ways to clean the fence wood, but why should you opt for a power wash? Here are a few reasons why you should: 

Changes The Old Look 

With all the dirt built up on the fence wood, it ends up looking worn out and tired. A good scrubbing will change the look of the fence and bring a new glow to it. 

Restoring the wood can be a tough process, but it’s not impossible to clean all the grime and dirt. You can hire professionals to protect your fence with power wash and staining it to give it a brand-new look. 

Increases the Property Value It’s always a good idea to update the house a little bit before putting it up for sale. With an improved look, your house can attract good customers willing to pay the right price. And again, a fresh-looking fence can bring in more potential buyers who can see your efforts in keeping the house well-maintained. 

Importance of Power Washing Before Staining the Fence 

It’s a common misconception that staining is the most important part of fixing up a fence, but that’s not entirely true. A crucial step before applying the stain is to protect your fence with power wash and get rid of all the dirt. 

Staining won’t be effective in the long run if it’s applied without proper cleaning the fence first. There could be an old finish that needs to be cleaned or dirt built up on the fence. A new stain might not shine as you expect if the old dullness is not removed. 

Stain Your Fence for a Brand-New Look! 

Once the power washing process has removed all the dirt, dust, and old finishes off the wood, your fence is ready for a brand-new look. Here are some stains to ponder over!

However, it’s important to consider the weather before staining the wood, as it takes longer to dry during cold temperatures. But luckily, we live in South Carolina, which is warm enough in November to provide ideal weather for staining the wood. If you are looking to hire a local cleaning company to power wash and stain your fence, contact So Clean today and get your fence looking new in no time! 

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