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5 Big Deck Care Musts

Congrats to you for adding a deck to your property! This is a significant update that could add great value and enjoyment for years to come. The key to giving your deck a long fulfilling life is to keep it maintained! We have an easy checklist of deck care musts that will keep your new investment looking good!

1. Keep Your Deck Clean and Dry

After it rains and a few times a year, make sure you go over your deck’s surface. Sweep all debris and make sure you dry up puddled water. Even if it is sealed, the water can still damage it from just sitting on the surface for a significant amount of time. If you have rugs on the deck, make sure they are not made of natural fibers. Those will absorb moisture and promote mildew. Try using recycled plastic rugs that are more water resistant.

2. Inspect Your Deck

Every changing of the season (4 times a year), go out and inspect the deck. Look for loose nails and attachments, rot, split wood, and soft places. Catching these issues quickly ensures for a cheaper fix. Letting it get worse can cost you big bucks. It also prevents a safety hazard! If you have acquired a deck on a new property, it is best to have it professionally inspected. Someone that knows what to look for can potentially prevent a future collapse. Getting that piece of mind is worth every single penny spent.

3. Clean and Seal Your Deck Thoroughly Once A Year

deck care tips

Just like skin, your deck’s surface will need a good exfoliation. This is a big deck care item! To kill bacteria and mold, use an appropriate deck cleaning solution. Do not use chlorine bleach. This will damage the wood’s cellular structure, stripping it of its natural color. You can scrub it (taking you many hours), or have it pressure washed.

So Clean has a soft washing feature that will not gouge or damage the wood, but have it prepped and ready for the next steps! If you decide to pressure wash yourself, be aware of dangerous PSI levels. This can really bore into the wood. You also will need a steady hand, making sure you do not linger for too long in one place. So Clean would love to take this tedious task off your list!

Let the deck dry thoroughly. This can take up to 2 days. Next, sand your deck lightly to remove fuzzy and/or splintery patches. A pole sander with 80-grit sandpaper should do. The last step is to apply a sealer. Instead of a tinted stain/sealer, go with a clear synthetic sealer. It will last longer with all the foot traffic. Be weary of using paint as a sealant. It won’t last long. It is also semi permanent. Should you decide to change it you will have to remove all the paint with a sander or stripper. That’s a colossal job that will unfortunately need to be done sooner than later.

Bottom Line for Best Deck Care

Having a deck can be a joy for so many. It adds a level of ascetic, as well as functionality. Enjoying your backyard can be a fresh new experience for those that particularly don’t enjoy getting down in the grass. You can also enjoy some magnificent views if it is up high. The advantages are worth it, as long as it stays maintained. Not maintaining it can really devalue a property due to its lack of safety. The most important aspect beyond all design elements is that it is safe to use. Otherwise, enter at your own risk.

Need help taking on that one-time a year deep cleaning or just general deck care? We are highly experienced in residential pressure washing. We travel across several counties in Upstate South Carolina! We can have it done in a flash! Contact So Clean today to book us!

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