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How House Washing Keeps Your Exterior Looking Amazing

Take 5 minutes, go outside to your exterior and observe it. Don’t just look at it for a second, but really inspect it. Is it dirty? Does it need a house washing? Is there paint chipping or faded? Do you have a hanging piece of siding you didn’t notice before? Ey, we hope not! Regardless of its shape, it’s not that uncommon for homeowners to overlook common cosmetic problems on the outside of their homes. If you are planning on selling your home soon or just want to spruce it up, we have some advice and solutions for you!

Why House Washing Works Wonders:

House Washing will Keep you Healthy!

We might be a tad bias on this subject, but just hear us out. House washing does more than maintain the beauty of your home. It actually can make the home safer! Those might not just be some old stains or dirt on the exterior, but might actually be mold or mildew, which can make you sick. Certain allergens will accumulate faster over time if not taken care of. If you notice residence or occupants sneezing when near the home’s exterior, it could be a contributor. Getting a good house washing can make all the difference!

House Washing will prevent damage!

Just as we said above, things grow if not taken care of. Damage will also accumulate, fast! Instead of costing you a cleaning, you could be looking at replacement options. Getting a pressure house washing can take care of the damage causing elements, leaving your home better prepared.

House Washing Adds Value!

Getting ready to sell? Nothing adds great curb appeal to your home like a good house washing! Neighbors and potential buyers might think you got new siding or paint! It seriously will make that difference. If you are skeptical, check out some of So Clean’s before and afters on our social media. You won’t believe you are looking at the same house.

The Soft Washing Method

At So Clean, we offer the soft washing method for siding and windows. It is a lower pressure option for more safety and less damage done. In the past, companies used to use high pressure and found they were blowing window seals and chipping paint away. We have learned a lot since then. The So Clean team uses specialized formula detergents that will effectively disinfect and clean any home exterior.

Long-Term Maintenance

Want to keep your Upstate South Carolina home looking spectacular into the years? Here are some quick tips to keep up on the exterior as your house gracefully ages:

  • Cut back the greenery. We know an ivy home is charming, but ivy causes so much damage. Unless you are willing to say goodbye to your exterior layer, say goodbye to the ivy.
  • Repair the Damage. Damage doesn’t just go away. In fact, it can get worse, making it susceptible to insects and rain water. Take care of any exterior damage like loose or cracked siding.
  • Schedule a Cleaning. The average suggestion for house cleaning is twice a year. You might be able to get away with one, but don’t put it off.
  • Keep Gutters Clean. Clogged gutters can cause water to flow down the exterior of your house, causing damage over time.

Bottom Line

The exterior of your home is the ultimate protector. We want it to look good, but we also want it to function properly today and in the future. House washing and maintenance is crucial if you want to keep value and functionality topnotch throughout the years. Keep a list handy or put tasks on your calendar for reminders. Need a house cleaning? So Clean is ready to take on the job! Book a cleaning today here!

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